A Run Down of WordPress Version 4.3 Most Powerful Built-In Options


Welcome to WordPress Version 4.3. This is the latest WordPress version named after the popular, and one of my personal favorite jazz artist Billie Holiday. Released August 18, 2015, a lot of WordPress users are actually wondering about the new features that Version 4.3 has and what makes it far better than its predecessors.

Here is a rundown of highlights of “Billie”

Improved password reset features

Security is one of the most important changes in the latest version. Users have a strong password by default and are given the option to change it or not. A new password strength meter is now available along with a new password change interface. WordPress will not send passwords via email and links to change will expire in 24 hours.

Better previewing of changes

Any changes that you would like to make in the menu are viewed faster in the Customizer. Users will be able to efficiently create, correct and make any changes to their site and save time in the process. You do not need to change your site until you are ready.

Theme Hierarchy changes

There is a new theme in town and you can find it at the Template Hierarchy. The singular.php template follows the rules of is_singular for a single post no matter what post type. This follows a hierarchy after single.php, page.php and any other variations.

Preparing for PHP7

Major changes are happening to PHP. PHP7 will be released later this year and the latest version WordPress is designed to support this new program.

New formatting shortcuts

Take note of new formatting shortcuts when you are using the visual editor. You will now use * or – to start an unordered list, use 1 or 1) to begin an ordered list, use ## or H2 and ### or H3 and use > to change text into blockquote.

Overall appearance changes

Users enjoy improved accessibility, faster and smoother menu creation and location. Users will be able to use Site Icon feature to control another section of your site. Use the Admin area to customize app icons and favicons. And to fully improve usability, a customize link is available in the toolbar to make fast changes.

More changes under the hood

According to official WordPress site, there are around 180 bugs that were reported in previous WordPress versions. All these threats were completely fixed making Version 4.3 the most immune of all versions to date.

For plugin developers

New writing code has been released. Plugin developers have two releases to update their codes. The files in Version 4.3 can still be reused if these updates are essential for your plugins to work. New Site Icon API is easy and painless to use. Developers will also be surprised of the many new and efficient changes to Customizer panels and sections.

As a developer and user, you will surely have more questions about “Billie.” You can find information about enhancements and releases to bug-fixes by visiting WordPress official site and change log for version 4.3.





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